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"Angel wandered too far from grace...

..But she saved the sinners in song"

Angel Dumott Schunard
13 July
Name: Angel Dumott Schunard

Age: 22

Appearence: Out of drag, Angel has short black hair, tan skin, and big dark brown eyes. However, when she's glammed up in drag, she is usually seen in her favourite black bobbed wig and killer fashion that she's made herself.

History: Not much is known about Angel's past in canon. However, my Angel's backstory is this: His father is a very straight laced man who would never allow a crossdresser in his home. Angel's has only one sister; Anna, who is also his best friend. His mother died before he even knew the difference between gay and straight. When he's in his early teens he knows he's different than the other boys his age, especially when they start to like girls and he doesn't. He realizes he wants to be a woman, however, when he's fifteen, and he's left alone in the house and decides to just try on Anna's shoes, wanting to see what it's like. Anna discovers his secret, but accepts him for who he is becase she's hiding a secret from her father too. Angel meets a boy named Tony, and falls in love with him, and he with her. As soon as Angel's legal she tells her father the truth, and is kicked out of the house. She wants to be with Tony, but finds out a few months later that he has been cheating on her, and is HIV+, and that she should get checked. She too is positive, and Tony slowly begins to wilt from the disease. She wants to be there for him, but she can't get over what he did to her. He dies shortly after.
Finding herself alone, infected and poor, she decides to stick with what she knows. She steals an old pickle tub from the back of the Life Cafe and begins to drum on the street, trying to make enough money to live on.
One fateful December 24th, however, she hears moaning an alleyway and decides to check it out. There, she meets Tom Collins (collins_tm), an HIV+ proffesor just come back from Mass., and just been mugged. Collins and Angel fall in love quickly and swear to be together.
Angel has many other friends. Mimi Marquez (mimi_dances), Roger Davis (powertoignite), Mark Cohen (makeroffilms), Maureen Johnson (mooo_with_me), and Joanne Jefferson. She even has a "little brother", Chase (wickedsinz). She's made many new friends in her 'Theatrical Muse', however, whom she absolutely adores.

Also, the mun would like to point out that it's no easy task being Angel's mun. She likes to squeal. And jump around.

Personality: Angel is extremely generous and sweet, but tends to get overexcited and babble. She is alot of fun to talk with, and is always there to listen to your problems, even if they don't involve her. However, disrespect her friends or her man and you may find yourself with a heel in your stomach!

Theatrical Muse Information:
Muse: Angel Dumott-Schunard
Fandom: Misc. Movies -- RENT

This journal is the home of Angel's theatrical_muse journal. Those entries are entirely ficticious. I AM NOT ANGEL DUMOTT SCHUNARD. I do not own Angel or Rent, they are property of the great Jonathan Larson. Angel is portrayed by the wonderful Wilson Jermaine Heredia. She is up for RP with anyone! She's a very sociable person and very open-minded, so you don't have to be shy about anything with her. Unfortunately, not much is known about Angel's past in the play/movie, so I have taken a few liberties with that. Angel's journal is PostRENT AU, if she had not died.

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